It Takes A Village

Inside the innovative, collaborative parenting solutions emerging around the world as the global sharing economy trickles down to kid-centered products and services


This May 2019 report details how the Millennial-fueled sharing economy has trickled down to give rise to a litany of new products and services designed to make parenting more effective, efficient and collaborative.

The trend outlines the growing number of ride, toy, clothing and childcare sharing brands that are offering parents new solutions as they prioritize access over ownership. 

The 6-page report provides insight into:

  • The global impact of the sharing economy, including most popular sectors
  • The growth of kid-targeted rideshare companies across the U.S. and the globe
  • The demand for sustainable, cost-effective fashion for kids and teens
  • The global movement toward shared toys and games 
  • The rise in parent babysitting co-operatives
  • The future of other cooperative parenting tools - from dinners to education

The report concludes with opportunities for marketers and developers to leverage the collaborative parenting trend.

In addition to proprietary data from Smarty Pants’ Project 24 study, It Takes a Village includes Nielsen data on the global sharing economy, apparel-related data statistics from eMarketer and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and toy facts from the Toy Industry Association.

As the sharing economy expands to touch sectors ranging from healthcare to restaurants, the easy-to-read report is a must for marketers in 2019.

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