Emily is proud to hold the title of Insights Genius, a role that is perfectly suited to her nearly 10 years market research experience. She is a veteran researcher and analyst that brings a wide range of experiences to the Smarty Pants team. Emily’s responsibilities span both the qualitative and quantitative teams to fully utilize her broad spectrum of interests and skills.

As a key member of Smarty Pants’ team, Emily is an outside the box thinker who is always looking for new and better ways to address clients’ needs. She serves primarily on Smarty Pants’ quantitative team, spearheading initiatives for clients like ACCO brands, Medline, Blue Bunny and EA. In this role, Emily both leads her own projects, as well as supports other senior quantitative project leaders to be sure Smarty Pants delivers first-class, actionable results that build clients’ businesses.

In addition, Emily regularly puts her qualitative skills to use as an engaging moderator, observant ethnographer and detail-oriented project manager on Smarty Pants qualitative team. In fact, she is responsible for executing and analyzing the vast majority of qualitative work Smarty Pants does on the west coast, including recent work fro Nickelodeon, Target and Cartoon Network, to name a few. Regardless of the project, she takes great pride in making a connections with her respondents and finding new ways to deliver results in a beautiful, creative and easy-to-digest format.

Prior to Smarty Pants, Emily served as Qualitative Research Manager at Ipsos Understanding UnLtd, helping to build their qualitative health care business and execute several high profile qualitative research initiatives. Prior to IUU, Emily served as a Senior Project Director at Ipsos Marketing, supporting the Procter and Gamble account. In this role, Emily managed several U.S. and global research initiatives for numerous personal care brands including Always, Tampax, Pantene and Olay, among others.

Emily holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Kentucky, with a focus on Marketing and Management. She is based in San Diego, CA.


Fun Facts

  • Is originally from the Midwest, but feels most at home in the west coast sunshine
  • Is a travel enthusiast – and loves that her job provides so many opportunities to see new places
  • Loves to shop and finds it hard to pass up a new pair of shoes or earrings
  • Is passionate about sports – ask her about her fantasy football team or March Madness pool!
  • On a typical weekend, you can find her taking advantage of the California sunshine by hiking, relaxing at the beach and exploring San Diego
  • Is an avid music fan – especially classic soul and R&B tunes!
  • Has never met a dog that couldn’t make her smile
  • Loves puzzles and logic games - she beats Tetris on her iPhone pretty much every time she plays!
  • Is a master race car driver, consistently defeating all her friends and family in Mario Kart on Wii