What we deliver
Smarty Pants clients love our smart, creative deliverables. From insights documentaries to multi-media presentations to immersive share-out events, we're in the business of bringing life to research and bringing research to life.
Multimedia Presentations


We know what captures and inspires an audience.  That’s why our presentations are designed to
dazzle – strategically, tactically and visually.  Full of powerful imagery, infographics and data visuals, as well as inspiring project artifacts like photos, videos and quotes, our story-driven reports and presentations bring your target and your project to life.

Story-Drive Reports


We don’t create reports that gather electronic dust.  We make it our job to create beautiful, data-rich deliverables that impress everyone from project managers to senior executives. Smarty Pants reports focus on what matters and how to leverage it.  We balance research findings with strategic thinking and focus on implications and opportunities to grow your business.

Infographics & One-pagers


Smarty Pants infographics, posters and one-pagers are thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of your target or your research findings in one sexy, succinct deliverable. Your design, innovation, marketing and leadership teams will want to hang these inspiring synopses on their office walls.

Insights Documentaries

Insights Documentaries

Insights Documentaries are one of Smarty Pants' most popular research deliverables, particularly when an initiative is ethnography-based. Created by award-winning video producers in close collaboration with the research team, these consumer-centric documentaries bring the most compelling insights and stories into one must-see mini-movie.



Whether you are looking for a guide to all-family marketing success or a handbook on what makes seniors tick, a hard-cover book is often a great way share content.  Image-rich and easy-to-read, these books leverage research artifacts, delight team members and ensure that insights live well beyond project completion.