Smarty Pants offers syndicated research
In addition to groundbreaking custom research, Smarty Pants conducts Brand Love each year. This syndicated study of kid and parent brand affinity and usage is a must-have for youth and family marketers.

Brand Love™ is an annual study of the brands American kids 6-12 and their parents love most and why. The 2019 wave of the study examines 350 brands across 19 categories.

The study ranks brands by their Kidfinity™ and Parentfinity™ scores - proprietary measures of kid/tween and mom/dad brand awareness, popularity, and love. These scores are complemented with robust data on brand perceptions, usage, usage frequency, usage context, and future usage. The study also includes data on kids' lifestyles and behaviors—from self-perceptions to extra-curricular activities.

Study data serve as the foundation for both syndicated and custom reports. Marketers leverage syndicated reports to understand kid and family trends—within and across categories. Custom analyses allow companies to track their brands' health and diagnose competitive strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

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Syndicated Reports

2019 Key Findings Report

  • 30-page, cross-category reveal of the brands winning families' hearts and wallets

Brand Scores and Rankings

  • Summary spreadsheet of 2009-2019 Kidfinity & Parentfinity scores and rankings by sub-group

2019 Brand Attribute Data

  • Summary spreadsheet of each brand's performance on 33 unique brand attributes/drivers of affinity

Clicks, Taps & Swipes: An In-depth Look at Kids' Digital Behaviors

  • 60-page, data-dense report of the devices kids use and the digital content they consume
  • Includes sections on TV/streaming, console gaming, apps, music, voice assistants, wearables and more
  • View 2018 Excerpt

Play & Playthings: A Toy and Game Report

  • 74-page exploration of contemporary play trends and the brands driving them forward
  • View 2018 Excerpt

Hungry For More: A Family Dining Out Report

  • 63-page look at out-of-home dining trends of U.S. families with kids
  • View 2017 Excerpt

Custom Reports

Brand Topline                                       

  • 7- to 10-page executive summary of one brand
  • Includes Kidfinity and Parentfinity scores, awareness, love, popularity, usage, and brand perceptions

In-Depth Brand Analysis

  • 30-page, in-depth analysis of one brand
  • Includes Kidfinity and Parentfinity scores, awareness, love, popularity, usage, brand perceptions, category drivers and performance, noteworthy historical changes, open-ended learning, opportunities for growth, and strategic recommendations

In-Depth Category Analysis

  • 40- to 50-page, in-depth analysis of up to 12 brands in one category (as defined by study purchaser)
  • Includes contents outlines in the In-Depth Brand Analysis for each brand in the category