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Alex Quillin - Insights Prodigy

As an Creative Catalyst, Alex supports all facets of primary research–from planning, to analysis, to creation of final deliverables. Her eye to detail and flawless management of logistics enables her team to focus on answering key business questions in field, and her creative prowess helps the Smarty Pants team to deliver eye-popping presentations, reports, infographics, playbooks, posters and videos that break through and inspire top-tier clients like Target, Mattel, Aetna and Publix.  
Alex is passionate about today’s modern families, and she’s dedicated to help her team and Smarty Pants’ clients bring smarter, more actionable youth and family thinking into their organizations. From preschoolers to Millennials, she has great insight into young people and an uncanny ability to connect with them.

Part of Alex’s expertise comes from serving as a spokesperson for non-profits and dedicating a large portion of her free time to providing clothing, personal care products and toys to underprivileged children in her community. In fact, she plans fundraisers, assists in gathering donations and facilitates the shopping for over 100 needy children each year. She’s even been known to dress up as Elsa and surprise children at their schools during holiday parties or, more recently, over Zoom as a sweet surprise during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Prior to joining the Smarty Pants team, Alex flexed her creative and account management muscle at a digital marketing firm where she excelled at copywriting, conducting social media strategy research, facilitating training workshops and speaking at business events.

A native of Bristol, TN, Alex is a magna cum laude graduate of East Tennessee State University. And did we mention that she graduated a year early? Yep, that’s the kind of woman she is – always raising the bar and striving for excellence. Her tenacity and out-of- the-box thinking is inspirational to the Smarty Pants team.

Alex currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina.

Fun Facts

  • Voted “most likely to write a book” by her 3rd grade teacher – and, in fact, published one when she was 12!
  • Loves puns and looks for fun ways to incorporate them into daily life
  • “Dog mom” to two adorable Goldendoodles - Elle and Kennedy
  • A fun fact fanatic who occasionally interjects relevant fun facts into conversations
  • “FRIENDS” show enthusiast
  • Favorite word is onomatopoeia
  • Competed in Miss America pageants during her high school and college years