From Goats to Oats

How young consumers and families are driving the evolution of the dairy category


This April 2019 trend examines how demanding young palates and global plant-based diets are shaking up the milk industry—domestically and internationally.

The hot-off-the-press trend details:

  • dairy producers' innovative new takes on cow's milk
  • the growing penetration of goat and camel milks
  • the plethora of creatively flavored milks taking over dairy cases (and shelf-stable aisles)
  • the surge in animal-free milks that are determined to upend the category entirely.

Learn about new milks made from peas, pecans, hemp (and even cockroaches!), and how the dairy industry is battling for market share, claims substantiation and labeling clarity as consumers move beyond past differentiators like Omega 3-enriched and lactose-free.

Read about at-home, DIY milk solutions and how innovative young entrepreneurs are using biotechnology and 3D printing to reinvent milk. Get the scoop on why U.S. parents are paying a hefty premium for European formulas to be shipped overseas and why young Millennials are willing to pay over $200 for a carton of oat milk.

From Goats to Oats includes branded case studies, data from Smarty Pants' annual Brand Love study, and new data from trusted secondary sources like the CDC and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Proprietary data from U.S. kids ages 6-12 and their parents are included for leading dairy and non-dairy brands; secondary data on teens and young adults round out the story.

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