The Digital "It" Girls

A look at the fascinating social media-fueled trend of VSCO girls


Sksksksk. That's the sound that marks 2019's rise of the VSCO girl - an oversized tee, Pura Vida bracelet, scrunchie-wearing girl with a passion for saving the turtles and the water bottle sticker to prove it.

From her humble social media roots to her interest in environmental causes, learn how the VSCO girl has taken over tweens and teens across the nation, and which brands are leveraging the trend to tap into these young consumers.

Readers will gain insight into: 

  • How the VSCO girl came to be
  • The brands - new and old - profiting from the interesksksksking (that's not a typo!) trend
  • What's next for VSCO girls and their parents as the trend infiltrates the entire family

The report includes quotes from real tweens and teens heard in school hallways and on social media about the VSCO girl trend.

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