A Very Magical Year

An exploration of how Disney is more popular than ever


Disney is living in an entertainment fairytale, complete with new park experiences, a growing list of IPs and its own streaming platform.

From the momentum behind the launch of Disney+ to the billion-dollar investment in theme park experiences, learn how Disney is staying relevant and topping kids' and parents' lists of favorites.

Readers will gain insight into: 

  • Kids' and parents' perceptions of Disney's classic IPs, including Toy Story, The Lion King, Captain Marvel and Aladdin
  • How parents' love and nostalgia for Disney fuels kids' own love of Disney's brands
  • The streaming landscape and Disney+'s place in the SVOD market
  • How Disney's newly announced strategic retail collaborations is repaving the retail trail

The five-page trend leverages proprietary Brand Love data, complete with Kidfinity and Parentfinity scores, popularity, current usage and future usage intent.

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