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Christian Schmid

Brian joined the Smarty Pants roster as an Insights Know-It-All in early 2023. An inquisitive and passionate researcher, Brian has never shied away from asking tough questions to uncover deeper truths and valuable insights about human behavior. He applies his curious spirit and extensive toolkit of quantitative methodologies to the dynamic challenges of Smarty Pants’ high-profile gaming, tech and entertainment clients.

As a Know-It-All Brian touches every phase of the research process, shepherding projects from conception and design through implementation and synthesis of results. He excels at crafting powerful, narrative-driven data stories and helping clients socialize results to maximize impact and actionability.

Prior to Smarty Pants, Brian served as a senior research manager at Material+ where he led projects for tech and gaming clients such as DoorDash, PlayStation and Intuit. Earlier in his career he worked as a senior analyst at TrendSource as the self-dubbed “grocery nerd” working with Kroger and other grocery clients. At TrendSource he also worked closely with one of his all-time favorite clients, Pokémon.

Brian graduated summa cum laude from the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, completing his bachelor’s degree in three years. He was then awarded a Cornell University Fellowship and invited to continue his graduate studies in the Department of Human Development, earning a master’s degree in developmental psychology. With his academic background in both business and psychology, market research was a natural fit!

After several snowy years in upstate New York, Brian moved to sunny San Diego where he now lives with his partner and two cats, Oliver and Pippin. When he’s not researching his personal passions or getting into spirited debates with his friends, Brian loves to enjoy the outdoors, partake in San Diego’s fantastic Mexican food and stroll the world’s greatest cities.

Fun Facts

  • Is related to Johnny (Cash), albeit very, very distantly. Nope, he wasn’t in the will
  • Loves pub trivia and has played ever since hewas old enough to get into a pub
  • Subscribes to the adage a bartender once shared with him that “any drink with vodka can be made better with gin”
  • Is a lifelong Japanophile known to bore others to tears with a detailed recounting of his favorite daimyos (i.e., samurai lords) of the Sengoku period