Radames Rodriguez: Chief Know-It-All page
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Skip is an enthusiastic Insights Know-It-All who links brand ideas and consumer feelings to hard data clients can use to build brands, products and services. A rare combo of data dork and social butterfly, you can find Skip working on both quantitative and qualitative methodologies including audience segmentations, positioning tests, concept design, exploratory focus groups, and intimate small group interviews. Always hungry for new techniques, he has enriched his research work with both traditional and cutting-edge tools, ranging from facial recognition software, to geo tracking integrated digital diaries.

Skip’s pre-Smarty Pants roles include senior analyst of gaming and digital media at Interpret, consultant for Kantar, head of instruction/events at Milk Bar Los Angeles, and most recently, strategy manager at Bastian db5.  Skip had the privilege of consulting for tech and gaming industry leaders like Google, Warner Bros., Blizzard, AT&T, Ubisoft, Riot, Hulu, Activision, Sony, EA and Facebook.  Having worked extensively for companies with global ambitions, he brings valuable cross-cultural insights and international research project experience to the Smarty Pants team.

A proud Californian, Skip hails from the sprawling Asian-American suburb of Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley (626!). His alma mater is UC Santa Cruz, a world leader in human genomics research that has a banana slug for its mascot and a competitive intramural frisbee team. He graduated magna cum laude with a degree in political science.

Skip is quite the renaissance man. You can catch him in his free time building mid-century furniture for his partner, son, and Shih Tzu, or trying to impress his growing family by cooking increasingly elaborate dinners to diminishing astonishment. You may also find him sewing a new jacket or installing plumbing in the 27’ diesel school bus he is now converting into a luxury tiny home!

Fun Facts

  • Went 69mph on a snowboard without a helmet (he now strongly discourages this)
  • Interned at NPR’s All Things Considered and will push every young adult to do the same
  • Eloped in Denmark with his partner, continuing an accidental tradition of three generations of Wong kids marrying in a country outside of their birth
  • Both parents and every single aunt and uncle owns or has owned a restaurant