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Position: Research Analyst (AKA Research Whiz)

The Company

Smarty Pants is a full-service market research and strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping the world’s best product developers and marketers understand and connect with consumers across lifestages and generations. From babies to grandparents, we are segment and industry experts, business consultants and research practitioners.  

Since 2004 Smarty Pants has excelled at gathering game-changing consumer insights and helping our clients translate those insights into smarter products, programs and communications. We now work with and employ only the best and brightest, as is evidenced in our client roster and our team bios.    

As a full-service partner to our clients we:

• Serve as strategic consultants – educating and guiding them on youth and family trends, marketing strategies, best practices, etc.
• Design rigorous research programs to meet their unique informational needs
• Execute those initiatives with our own industry-leading qualitative, quantitative and hybrid research professionals
• Carefully aggregate and analyze findings, layering on our collective wisdom
• Create visually-compelling deliverables that energize and inspire
• Help our clients apply the learning to their business challenges

We are a virtual organization that collaborates and functions as a cohesive, tech-connected team. But don’t worry…we hold company-wide events at least twice a year and regularly get face time with peers while traveling to research and/or clients’ offices.

Working remotely allows us to hire the nation’s best talent and do what our clients demand – travel, think, write and create. We are lean and highly efficient. We work hard, love what we do for a living and have strong relationships with the ones we do it alongside. We are a happy, loyal team dedicated to creating happy, loyal clients.  

As our company continues to grow, we need bright minds to help us tackle the day-to-day business of fielding great research for our clients and bringing consumer insights to life. We’re looking for an experienced “doer” who can also lead to join our team.

Candidate Qualifications

Smarty Pants only hires leaders or leaders in training. This position is for the latter–a strong up-and-comer with solid research skills and drive for excellence.

Candidates must have a research background and be an eager marketing expert in the making.  Candidates with experience in qualitative and/or quantitative methods will be considered –but those with an understanding of both are preferred.

More specifically, candidates for this position must:

• Hold a minimum of a bachelors degree (advanced degree is preferred)
• Have 1 – 3 years of primary research experience from an end-client, ad/marketing agency, research firm or consultancy
• Have an understanding of research design, fielding, data processing and analysis
• Have experience conducting analysis with secondary or primary research data –including conducting syntheses of published articles, reading data tables, and extracting insights from qualitative inputs such as interviews or focus groups
• Be savvy in Word, PPT, Excel
• Be meticulous, pay close attention to detail
• Quickly and easily perform the aforementioned duties with limited oversight
• Demonstrate self-discipline, a good work ethic, passion, commitment/drive
• Have good people/business intuition
• Be eager and open to guidance while becoming more research proficient and learning the Smarty Pants way

Smarty Pants also prefers candidates with:

• An advanced degree in a relevant field
• Professional experience with Fortune 500 clients
• Category experience in media, food/beverage, CPG, toy/game, apparel, retail, healthcare, etc.  
• Experience in the youth and family space

Daily Responsibilities

Specific responsibilities include:

• Project management activities
o  Creating project timelines
o   Managing vendor partners
o   Managing recruiting
o   Monitoring fielding
o   Conducting secondary research
o   Planning/communicating research logistics
o   Proofing documents
o   Implementing quality control across all project phases
• Research tasks
o  Questionnaire and/or screener authoring
o   Drafting preliminary activity and discussion guides
o   Analysis of digital diaries or online journals
o   Providing back-room or in-field support for in-person qualitative initiatives
o   Moderating of digital diaries or online journals
o   Creating first drafts of cross tab plans
o   Checking cross tabs to ensure accuracy/proper set-up
o   Creating compelling charts and slides
o   Editing video and audio clips and montages
o   Writing engaging and cohesive report outlines, toplines and summaries
o   Assisting with translating these into engaging reports.
• Data analysis and reporting
o  Creating report outlines with support of project leader
o  Authoring first drafts of actual reports based on approved outlines
o  Working within the Smarty Pants PPT template to create visually engaging, story-driven reports

More Details

This is a full-time salaried position with generous benefits.  Salary is commensurate with the level and experience of the candidate.

Candidate location is not important, as the employee will work remotely. East coast hours are 9am-5pm; west coast hours are 7am-3pm. Work after hours and/or on weekends is sometimes necessary. Work is typically team-based and requires dialogue with colleagues (via email, phone and video)throughout the day.   

Smarty Pants provides all office hardware, software, equipment and supplies.

Smarty Pants is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Applicants are considered for positions and evaluated without regard to mental or physical ability, race, color, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, ancestry, national origin, age, genetic information, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status or other categories protected bylaw.

Next Steps

Serious, qualified applicants should send cover note, resume and work samples/portfolio through the following link:

Interviews by phone and/or video (and in-person, where possible) will be a part of the candidate review process, as will written skill assessment and a video submission. Lead candidates will also be assigned at least one project-specific challenge to assess research prowess and efficiency.  

Candidates will be assessed on a rolling basis, and the position will be filled as soon as the match is right.