Navigating A New Normal

An examination of how COVID-19 is impacting Americans across lifestages

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant shifts in consumers’ mindsets and behaviors – from the ways people think about safety and community, to how they use their homes and apartments, to how they approach shopping and spending. Look no further than online debates about masks, the evolution of living rooms to home offices and classrooms, and the expectation for same-day delivery and pick-up.  

Navigating a New Normal details these shift in sentiments and behavior by lifestage. The ongoing quali-quant study gives insight into how each lifestage is feeling, what they’re doing differently, and what brands and communications are making a difference.

Free for immediate download, each snapshot provides insight into one lifestage: parents with children from birth to 17, high schoolers ages 14 to 18, young adults 18 to 35, and seniors 65+. More lifestages will be explored in coming months.

For those seeking brand- or industry-specific insights, there is opportunity to field custom research with each lifestage group.

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