Clicks, Taps & Swipes

A data-dense look at the digital world of kids and tweens ages 6-12


From digital behaviors and device usage to the tech brands that are (and are not) making the kid connection, this report provides expert insight and indispensable data on the digital ecosystem of U.S. kids and their families. 

The report begins with a foundational section on how kids are spending their digital time, followed by a section on the devices they are usingIt continues with an immersion into the digital activities of 6-12s in seven key areas—from the shows they watch (and how) to the voice assistants they command (and why).

Clicks, Taps & Swipes is a must-have resource for organizations eager to better understand kids' and tweens' screen-based lives. The 60-page report is delivered in a user-friendly magazine layout that will serve teams for years to come.

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