Loads of Fun

A look at the potty-themed products making a big stink with 6-12s


Loads of Fun is a three-page report that explores the "number two" fad of 2018. Potty-themed toys, apparel, school supplies, digital experiences, and more are making a big stink across the country. Read about the importance of mindless fun and benign rule breaking, particularly for a generation dealing with heavy, adult problems.

The March 2018 report explores:

  • The countless poo-related toys and games that took over Toy Fair 2018 and kicked off an era of gross-out themed fun from toycos like Hasbro, Mattel, Spin Master and more
  • The various other touchpoints kids are tapping into the potty theme with: YouTube content, birthday party decor, apparel, and even restaurants
  • The fact that for kids, bathroom humor knows no boundaries - pee, farts, pimples and snot are all fair game
  • The context around why mindless, goofy fun is so popular with kids and tweens

As the trend shows no sign of slowing down, this easy-to-read report will provide you with the 101 on all things gross in kids' households today.

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