Smarty Pants met Rickie when she was one of our clients at Boston Consulting Group. For Rickie and for Smarty Pants, it was love at first (in)sight. While collaborating on creative methods and dazzling deliverables, Rickie knew she had found “her people,” and Smarty Pants leaders knew they had stumbled upon a rising star. Rickie joined the Smarty Pants team in early 2019.

Rickie brings a host of talent to Smarty Pants. She specializes in the ability to generate a solution (or four!) to any problem. Her love of logistics and keen eye for insights allow her to provide value throughout the research cycle. She is passionate about powerful messaging and helping end-clients understand how best to connect with consumers. And her international experience in more than 20 countries enables her to consistently derive meaning and optimize communications across cultures.    

As an Insights Brainiac, Rickie supports execution of cross-category initiatives from project conceptualization to final deliverable. Her clients range from tech giants to toy manufacturers to flagship retailers. Across categories, her savvy shines through, whether she’s attending in-person research, analyzing quant data or creating story-driven reports.

Rickie’s love for storytelling began as a passion for theater and drama. While at UNC Chapel Hill, Rickie served as a producer for several college drama groups, earning the title of Andy Griffith Scholar. She still jumps at any opportunity to add to her Playbill collection!

A smarty pants through and through, Rickie received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kennan Flagler Business School, with a second major in Dramatic Art. In addition to her leadership in campus theater, Rickie was a member of the co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and a Division 1 coxswain. (Crew, anyone?)  

Rickie went on to study business at the London School of Economics and the University of New South Wales – the top business programs in England and Australia, respectively.

An Asheville, NC native, Rickie is now based in Washington, DC.  She is eager to visit dozens of museums… and the Smithsonian Zoo. In the meantime, she’s enjoying the city’s bookstores and brunch spots.

Fun Facts

  • Loves to try new things -- bungie jumping, skydiving, scuba diving, and ridiculously hot nachos
  • Has a unique appreciation for all things airport related:  their design, junk food, endless travel possibilities, and most of all, people-watching
  • Aspires to emulate the passion and drive of Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation
  • Always detested country music until she left the South (now she’s a reluctant convert)
  • Reads a book a week – alternating reading something silly (like Bridgeton’s The Duke and I) with something more dense (like Moby Dick).
  • Loves to craft and taught herself to crochet during quarantine – starting with sweaters and making her way up to stuffed animals