The Luxurious Life of Pets

A look at the lush lifestyles pets are enjoying as the newest members of the nuclear family

This June 2019 report takes readers inside the pampered lives of contemporary pets.

The trend details the humanization of four-legged friends and family members, as well as the products developed (and enhanced) to better meet their (perceived) needs.

The eight-page report provides insight into:

  • The shifts in consumer behavior that have driven the U.S. pet care industry to become a $72 billion+ market
  • The amount of time people (ages 2-92) spend caring for their pets each day
  • The leading and emerging pet food trends
  • The increased focus on pets' physical well-being and mental health
  • The birth of indulgent experiences and products for pets
  • The latest and greatest in pet toys and tech

The report concludes with opportunities for marketers to better understand and cater to the evolving, pet-centric family.

The Luxurious Life of Pets is a must-read for marketers and developers who wish to meet the needs of pet parents (and "siblings") in 2019. In addition to proprietary data from Smarty Pants' Project 24 study, the trend includes data on pet products and services from the likes of Nationwide and the American Pet Products Association.

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