The Digital Danger Zone

A deep-dive into the digital threats impacting kids and families


The Digital Danger Zone is a close-up on the growing privacy and safety concerns impacting families' digital engagement. It outlines recent online threats, and the growing wave of new safe-for-kids platforms that have gained momentum as a result. The report concludes with a look forward at the impending policy changes that must happen to keep kids safe, as well as opportunities for marketers to play a role in protecting the world's most vulnerable citizens.

The March 2019 report explores:

  • Viral threats and digital dangers lurking within the most popular social sites and apps
  • Brand Love® data on U.S. kids' YouTube consumption and their parents' weakening brand perceptions
  • Brand Love® data on YouTube Kids, which doesn't stand a chance against YouTube (even among 6-8s)
  • Secondary data on the pervasiveness of parental fears surrounding children's online safety
  • An overview of several up-and-coming streaming and gaming platforms that use dedicated kid-safe technology
  • A look ahead at what the future of protecting kids online will look like in terms of new policies, corporate accountability, data protection and more
  • Opportunities for marketers to help guide and support families in the digital age

This 5-page report provides insights into what's going on in kids' digital worlds and the ways in which parents are struggling as they wade through uncharted territories of online vulnerability. The data-rich trend points out important marketing opportunities to help keep kids safe (and parents sane) in 2019.

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