School Unsafety

An exploration of school safety and the issues children face


School Unsafety is a seven-page report that unpacks the scary reality that U.S. students are facing: school is no longer a place of safety and comfort. While past generations have been exposed to domestic terror, Gen Z is the first to experience violence aimed directly at young people. Learn what growing up in fear means for young people, product and content creators, and marketers.

The March 2018 report includes:

  • Context around the 'adultification' of childhood that kids are being faced with as a result of gun violence and school shootings
  • Their inevitable exposure to news, politics, images and sensitive topics due to young peoples' pervasive social media and online presence
  • The resulting uncomfortable conversations parents are having as they wade through uncharted parenting territory
  • The rise in social and political activism among kids as they band together to stand up and let their voices be heard
  • The new protocols and safety precautions now common in most schools around the U.S.
  • The new products—including bulletproof backpacks, vest, and blankets—kids are now using
  • Opportunities for marketers to provide support, comfort and safety, and to ultimately let kids be kids

In addition to Smarty Pants' Brand Love® data, statistics are sourced from the National Center for Education Statistics. Compelling images and product examples bring the report to life and provide detailed context on kids' frightening reality.

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