Parents Are Sold On Amazon!

A review of parents' Top 50 brands across categories


This July 2019 report reveals the Top 50 brands among parents according to Smarty Pants' Brand Love study, with Amazon earning the title of parents' #1 brand for a third consecutive year.

Observe how brand affinity shifts when parents' top brands are segmented by child age and gender, and gain a clear picture of the brands that delight parents and kids alike.

The six-page report provides insight into:

  • The brands with the highest Parentfinity scores among parents of kids ages 6-12
  • The IPs making a notable impact on families' fun and leisure time
  • The brands successfully delivering all-family content and playful experiences for parents of boys
  • The Disney brands and leading content providers capturing the hearts and dollars of parents of girls
  • The brands delivering curated family experiences for parents of kids 6-8
  • The brands helping parents of tweens stay balanced while juggling demanding schedules

The report concludes with an overview of noteworthy brands that are worth keeping an eye on in 2020 and beyond.

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