Dropping The Ball

A look at the decline of traditional team sports as esports make their mark on youth culture


This August 2019 report explores the rise of esports and digital athletes and the simultaneous decline in traditional team sports participation among today's youth.

The five-page report provides insight into:

  • The current state of youth sports participation and the rise of the push-button "athlete"
  • The mounting pressures, rising costs and increasing concerns for safety that accompany traditional physical sports
  • How countries across the globe are rethinking traditional sports to keep youth engaged
  • The organizations and campaigns stepping up to the plate to keep young people on the playing field
  • The emerging opportunities for esports athletes, including scholarships and sponsorship

Chock-full of robust secondary and proprietary data, Dropping The Ball provides an in-depth overview of the shift from traditional sports play to digital play, and the very real opportunities that exist for virtual athletes.

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