Don't Bank On It

A look at the way kids are relating to money in a cashless culture


In 2019, digital payments have replaced dollar bills, mobile apps have upgraded the traditional chore chart and digital piggy banks have shattered the porcelain pig.

From how kids today perceive and interact with money to the growing numbers of fintech services and tools designed for them (and their parents), this June 2019 trend provides marketers with implications for kids’ future financial decisions.

The report includes domestic and global examples of the fintech tools empowering Gen Z with financial literacy.

Readers will gain insight into: 

  • Gen Z's spending and (surprising) saving habits
  • Global financial trends driving a worldwide cashless cultural shift
  • The apps, tools and services providing lessons in Financial Health 101
  • How banks are evolving to cater to today's youngest and most influential spenders

The five-page trend leverages data from Smarty Pants' Project 24 syndicated study, as well as secondary data from trusted sources such as the Council for Economic Education and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

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