Terrance Kennedy: Chief Business Genius page
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Smarty Pants was proud to add Megan to its growing talent roster in early 2022. Megan joined the organization with a strong academic foundation, eight years of supplier-side research experience, and a reputation as a smart, inquisitive, detail-oriented producer. Her cross-category research has spanned everything from healthcare and dental hygiene, to food & beverage and quick-serve restaurants, to faucets and jewelry.  

As an Insights Brainiac, Megan flexes her quantitative research muscles for Smarty Pants’ most esteemed client partners in the healthcare, insurance, gaming, entertainment and retail sectors. Her work includes tracking studies, A&U studies, pricing research, messaging evaluation and concept testing. If it requires segmentation, conjoint, JAR, Max/Diff, driver or TURF analysis, Megan—a self-proclaimed math and stats nerd—is in. Megan also serves as a qualitative liaison, working on mixed-method initiatives. (Yep, she’s that good.)  

In 2014, Megan began her market research career as an intern at Action Based Research in Bath, OH. She assisted in all facets of quantitative research, including quality control, programming, field management and reporting. In 2016, she became a market research analyst at the firm, where she worked for five more years as part of the small but mighty team responsible for multiple, concurrent projects across industries and consumer demographics. Her charge included survey design and testing, sample oversight, data analysis and visualization. She rounded out her capabilities by assisting qualitative researchers with screeners, guides, scheduling and reports for IHUT, focus group and IDI-based initiatives.  

Megan is a summa cum laude graduate of Cleveland State University, where she earned both a B.A. in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Consumer-Industrial Research in Psychology. She is an Ohio native who lives outside of Akron. When she’s not busy crunching numbers or piecing together a consumer puzzle, you can find her hiking, watching Bravo or with her husband on a local tennis court (rain, snow or shine!).


Fun Facts

  • Loves lifestage photography and once worked for a photographer
  • Her dad, husband, father-in-law and grandfather-in-law are all named Tom
  • Loves tennis so much she was proposed to on a tennis court with a tennis ball!
  • Has a cat that fetches toys and a dog that can very clearly howl “I love youuuuu”
  • Once worked in a natural disaster simulation