Law serves Smarty Pants in the role of Quant Guru, where he works with the rest of the quant team to conceptualize and execute cutting edge research. Law’s specialties include programming surveys, tabulating data, and analyzing data to provide meaningful insights for clients.

Law has always been fascinated by research and the ability to transform data into usable information. His research background includes a variety of projects and disciplines. He has helped measure erosion on a barrier island in Louisiana, assisted a multi-hospital health system in determining the optimal nurse to patient ratio, and worked with the Department of Homeland Security on a bioterrorism recovery simulation.

Since joining Smarty Pants, Law has collaborated with a number of top youth and family brands including LEGO, Kellogg’s, Target, NUK, PBS and others. Law has passion for research and is excited to continue learning about the youth and family market.

Law graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Public Health and a BA in Economics from Tulane University. He is currently pursuing his MBA at East Tennessee State University. Law lives and works in Johnson City, TN.

Fun Facts

  • Was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, but considers New Orleans a second home
  • Watches pretty much any sport, but loves college football (Roll Wave!) and Major League Baseball (Go Nats!)
  • Is truly an economics nerd and is particularly interested in game theory, happiness econ, disaster econ, and environmental econ
  • Can be found outside on most weekends, running, hunting, fishing, and generally enjoying Mother Nature
  • Is a military history buff with a goal of visiting as many battlefields and related historical sites as possible