Jessica joined Smarty Pants as an Insights Whiz in early 2021. In her role, she supports all phases of qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method research – from study design, to fielding and analysis, to the development of the final report. Her work spans a range of industries, but her core contributions are applied to Smarty Pants’ food and beverage, finance and retail clients.

Jessica is a neuroscientist by training, so she’s no stranger to the process of unpacking humans’ thoughts and feelings – from the desires of young children to the challenges that aging seniors often face. At the University of Chicago, where she graduated cum laude in 2020 with an Honors B.S. in neuroscience, she studied the pathology and genetics of Alzheimer’s disease. For her thesis, she designed and conducted experiments to examine specific genetic risk factors involved in Alzheimer’s disease onset.

After completing her degree, Jessica received a Fulbright Fellowship to continue her research in Belgium. International lockdowns due to Covid-19 halted the trip, but we’re still proud to call her a Fulbright Scholar.

Jessica brings brains and experience to her research role.  Over the past six years she has spent time as a researcher and teacher.  She has worked as an English teacher, coaching ESL students in English, Greek and French on everything from basic grammar, to accent reduction, to linguistics, to writing a PhD thesis. During her time as a teacher, Jessica guided international and domestic students of all ages, stages and walks of life.

As a truly right- and left-brained smarty pants, Jessica is also an accomplished photographer and musician. Her love of the arts and sciences continuously fuels her curiosity and inspires her eye for design and creativity. In addition, her multicultural heritage and trilingual abilities lead her to a global mindset and a strong desire to connect with others. She’s meticulous about details, and her inquisitive nature drives her passion for finding hidden patterns and insights.

Raised in sunny San Diego, California, Jessica loves the sunshine, desert warmth, and the great outdoors. After a gray but enjoyable tenure in Chicago, Jessica now happily calls Albuquerque, New Mexico, home.  

She and her partner relish in the beautiful weather and mountain views of the High Desert and can often be found taking a weekend road trip, hiking or enjoying some street tacos at their favorite taco truck. As a lover of the outdoors, she is passionate about the environment and regularly visits National Parks across the country. Her goal is to eventually see every one!

Fun Facts

  • Has played the cello for over a decade and has been featured in a music video with Yo-Yo Ma
  • Is a huge fan of Formula 1. Watches the races live on the weekends – with prediction sheets and driver stats!
  • Is a cinephile with a love of indie films and can tell you more than you want to know about the history of Polish Cinema
  • Speaks Greek & French and has a goal to learn three more languages fluently (Spanish, Italian, German)
  • Teaches English to students in the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and Greece in her spare time
  • Is a major Lord of the Rings nerd who can recite the whole trilogy by memory