Christina brings a sharp, expressive mind to the development and execution of strategic research of every stripe, be it quantitative (her fave and core competence), qualitative, digital, mixed method, or secondary.

From designing buzzy methodologies to penning an insights-rich story, Christina creates deliverables that matter: informing, inspiring, and catalyzing clients.

She launched her career with a graduate degree in account planning at the VCU Brandcenter, which informed her ability to elevate insight to action and frame findings in a larger context.

From there, Christina joined Insight Strategy Group, where she helped conduct proprietary qual/quant research, including consumer segmentation studies, authority studies, and new product development/marketing for a pop culture clientele.

Most recently, at Red Lantern Strategy, Christina’s work focused on hybrid methodologies, including app-based surveys, digital mark-ups, and ideation workshops as well as brand-centric work including brand positioning and opportunity studies. She also regularly authored PR hooks that framed research for commercial publication such as The Huffington Post.


Fun Facts

  • Voted most creative in high school…and least athletic
  • Has never learned how to do a lay-up, swim, or ice skate (despite being from Wisconsin)
  • Before Christina became a researcher, she was an editorial writer for a dance magazine, despite, you guessed it, not being able to dance
  • Won a state-wide contest in 4th grade for her short story about ship-wrecked Victorians
  • Created a “sitcom” with her cast of dolls for her little brother, which had its own title card and theme song…and ran for 10 seasons
  • Credits “The Chronicles of Narnia” for sparking a lifelong obsession with books
  • Adores Brooklyn, her dream home for 5+ years