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Ricardo Maldonado

Know-It-All Panel Director

  • Built and manages the Know-It-All™ panel, Smarty Pants’ online panel of families, representing over 30,000 kids
  • Plays a key role in conceptualizing, executing and analyzing all custom and syndicated quantitative studies
  • Began working as a project manager in the 90’s at Market Facts (now Synovate)
  • Experienced in central location tests, diary studies, phone surveys, mail surveys, and online surveys
  • Has worked across several industries, including CPG, food and beverages, magazine subscriptions, automobiles, debit card systems, cable, public transportation, and many more in both the public and private sectors
  • Holds degrees in Sociology from Syracuse University (B.A.) and Temple University (M.A.)
  • Has worked with Smarty Pants since in 2005
  • Views the Smarty Pants team as an extended family
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Fun Facts about Ricardo
  • Was born and raised in NYC, back when NYC was both famous and infamous (Blackout of ‘77, anyone?)
  • Was an altar boy in the Bronx
  • Married in the Dominican Republic in May 2010
  • Can be found on the handball courts during the summer
  • Is an avid karaoke fan
  • Has appeared on Law & Order, Flight of the Conchords, and was gently pushed aside by Meryl Streep in The Manchurian Candidate (while observing that Liev Schreiber is REALLY tall)
  • Is still a kid at heart
  • Favorite video game is Batman: Arkham Asylum (did I mention I was a kid at heart?)
  • Would make a great judge on American Idol

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