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Radames Rodriguez

Chief Know-It-All

  • Co-founder of Smarty Pants who does all the behind the scenes work to make the business a success…including keeping “boss lady” happy
  • Chief Know-It-All who is the resident guru on all things trend based – from technology to entertainment to fashion to sports
  • Serves as qualitative support person (and at times videographer) on key client projects across the globe
  • Affectionately known as the “Director of Shipping and Receiving”, because he spends half his time at the bank, Fed Ex, and the post office. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it
  • Former Research Manager at a qualitative research facility in Stamford, CT
  • Previously worked as Account Manager at two global internet companies prior to moving into the market research world
  • Graduate of Baruch College in New York City where he obtained a bachelors degree in Finance.
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Fun Facts about Radames
  • Proud, highly-involved father of a vivacious, six-year-old daughter named Ella and a non-stop, two-year-old named Addison
  • “Secretly” married to company co-founder, Wynne Tyree…although they have different last names
  • Coach of the Smarty Pants Little League team who just won the city-wide championship after losing all but one game last year!
  • Hails from Brooklyn, NY… and is still a die-hard Mets fan
  • Has a sixth sense about people and can nail a person’s life story from 50 feet away (a small perk of growing up people watching on the streets of NYC)
  • A budding dj in the tri cities 
  • Currently taking boxing lessons (a gift from Wynne)
  • Voracious reader who worked at Barnes and Noble for 10 years to feed his literary addiction at a discount
  • Has a serious problem “collecting” records on vinyl, baseball hats, quirky graphic t’s, and sneakers (yes, they are all still in the boxes and he’ll only wear each pair once!)

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