They have been extremely responsive to our requests while maintaining a positive attitude. We'll definitely work with Smarty Pants again! "
– Michelle Belna, Market Insights Analyst, major CPG company

Meet the Family

Smarty Pants is a team of passionate, industry-renowned researchers, moderators and brand strategists. We are seasoned youth and family marketing pros who know and love research and its marketing implications. Get to know us professionally and personally by clicking on one of our glamorous school photos.

Chief Smarty Pants

c. 1978

Chief Operating Mastermind

c. 1978

Chief Brainiac


Know-It-All Panel Director

c. 1981

Quant Savant

c. 1977

Senior Qualitative Brainiac

c. 1977

Insights Sage

c. 1980

Chief Know-It-All

c. 1979

Insights Guru

c. 1993

Family Research Guru

c. 1969

Insights Genius

c. 1986

Trends and Insights Guru

c. 1982

Creative Visionary

c. 1986

European Guru

c. 1978

Business Genius

c. 1973

Insights Genius

c. 1991

Insights Prodigy

c. 1997

Creative Genius

c. 1990

Quant Guru


Technical Guru

c. 1980

Smarty Pants also employees a host of part-timers who help make it all possible. From web design and concept illustration to transcription and video editing, we couldn't do it without Allison, Jerome, Chris, Kurt, Jason and Brian. Thank you, team, for all your hard work behind the scenes!

The Family Album

The Smarty Pants family album featured pictures of our staff in action - from company meetings to tropical get-aways to time on the road with consumers. Here's where you'll really get to know us and how we roll.

Click on any of the gallery pix to make them larger or read more. You'll have to call us if you want the juicy backstories.

The Smarty Pants Crew
The Smarty Pants Crew