Smarty Pants is our go to research and strategy firm. Their researchers and strategists offer best-in-class thinking and actionable insights. "
– Jenny Ferguson, Consumer Insights and Research Director, C3

Strategic Consulting

Staying ahead in the youth and family marketing game requires an awareness of trends as well as the product and marketing strategies that do and don’t work. Smarty Pants executives bring this wisdom to our partners.

Strategic Partners

For companies or agencies that need youth and family expert counsel, Smarty Pants can serve as a great extension to your team.  We partner with organizations on both long- and short-term relationships to:

  • Win youth and family business
  • Optimize creative briefs and positioning documents
  • Refine marketing strategies and tactics
  • Manage youth and family-based accounts
  • Conduct ongoing research and provide strategic guidance
  • Manage consumer panels that yield on-going insights

Target Immersions

When your team needs to know the ins and outs of kids, tweens, teens or their influencers, Smarty Pants is an invaluable resource.  From demographics and psychographics to technology habits and eating behaviors, we can immerse you into your target audience. 

Our traditional immersions can last anywhere from an hour to three days and take place at your offices or at off-site locations that allow you to experience life as your target.  Go shopping with teen girls to understand what they value or invite us in to do all day "boot camp" on the intricacies of boyhood.  Our most requested immersions include:  

  • 2011 Youth State of the Union
  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side...of Boyhood
  • The Five Faces of Moms
  • Tweens 24/7
  • The Wonderful World of Girls
  • Your Sandbox or Mine?  Inside the Life of Preschoolers
  • Who's Your Daddy?

Workshop Facilitators

Sometimes an an external facilitator is exactly what your teams need to move the strategic or innovation process along.  When it's that time, give Smarty Pants a call. 

Our trained group moderators and event leaders are smart, fun-filled and ready to help you generate actionable new ideas, products and plans.  We are as comfortable on stage as we are in the boardroom, and we're great at bringing disparate groups together for the greater organizational or consumer good.

Whether you are looking for an "off-the-shelf" event (like our regression-based 10 Again experience) or you need the perfect person to run your company's annual strategy day, Smarty Pants is right for the job.     

Say Hi if you or your organization could benefit from Smarty Pants collective 100+ years of strategic expertise in the youth and family space. Or give one of our clients a call to make sure we're the best in the business.