Their innovative methodologies help us delve deeper into the world of families and kids to provide smarter strategies to our clients. "
– Jenny Ferguson, Consumer Insights and Research Director, C3

Smart Deliverables

Smarty Pants clients love our smart, creative deliverables. From Insights Documentaries to handmade Family Scrapbooks, we're in the business of bringing life to research and bringing research to life.

Smarty Pants Live!

When budgets are tight or team members simply can't travel to the research, Smarty Pants Live! is a great solution.  It's the smart deliverable before the final deliverables.

Our live video streaming service allows you to watch qualitative research in real time from any computer in the world.  The secure, private portal also allows for real time chat with colleagues.  Yes, you can even slip the moderator a note from 2,000 miles away!  

Insights Documentaries

Insights Documentaries are one of Smarty Pants' most popular qualitatative research deliverables, particularly when the initiative is ethnography-based.  Created by award-winning video producers in close collaboration with the research team, these consumer-centric documentaries bring the most compelling stories and insights into one (affordable!) must-see mini-movie. 

Insights Documentaries are a great supplement to in-person presentations and written reports.  They can also serve as the stand-alone research deliverable when you are looking for non-traditional ways to share findings across the organization.         

Family Scrapbooks

Imagine you've invested in getting to know 30 families really well - both in person and online. Now imagine you know those families inside and out - from what they had for dinner last night to where they vacationed last year.  You know what they value, how they spend their Saturdays and what differentiates 8-year-old Lexie from 14-year-old Tyler.  

This is the type of target richness and intimacy that Family Scrapbooks bring to life.  Produced both digitally and by hand (you decide!), Smarty Pants scrapbooks let you understand your target on a whole different level.  Chock full of photos, quotes, anecdotes, symbols, rituals, events and family mementos, it’s as if the families had created the albums themselves (in fact, sometimes they do help!).  Not surprisingly, Smarty Pants clients love this smart, unique deliverable!   

Posters & One-Pagers

Want your research families or findings to be front and center at a meeting or in your offices?  Smarty Pants' custom posters and one-pagers are a great way to make it happen. 

Strategically designed to capture the essence of your target or your research headlines, these visually-compelling deliverables are the perfect research synopsis.  Remind yourself of Kids' Top 100 Brands as you glance at a poster in the hallway, or surprise your innovation team with a Secrets to All-Family Success one-pager they can hang in their offices.    

Hardcover Books

The reality is that most executives and creatives simply don't review the 60-page PowerPoint presentation from the research initiative.  But they will spend time reading a good book.  That's why Smarty Pants creates high-quality, research-inspired books that feel like they came straight from the bookstore. 

Imagine a full-color hardcover book that your co-workers want to read on the plane or pass around the office - a book that truly brings consumers to life and punctuates key project learnings.  Beautifully designed, engaging and actionable. Now that's a deliverable.