The insights you guys uncovered for us have been so valuable. We have found all kinds of ways to leverage them. Best money I’ve spent all year!"
– Lynne Vandeveer, Chief Marketing Office, PlayPower

Custom Research

Our seasoned youth and family researchers, moderators and brand strategists are experts in uncovering opportunities and evaluating product and marketing efforts at all stages of development. Our custom research services and creative deliverables are second to none.

New Product & Category Exploratories

When it's time to grow your product portfolio, Smarty Pants can lead the charge.  We excel at blue-sky opportunity identification fueled by creative research techniques.  Our exploratories bring families' lifestyles and needs to the forefront and serve as innovation springboards.  Created to reveal opportunities grounded in the realities of families' everyday lives, our innovative Family 48 method is a client favorite.

Product Concept & Prototype Evaluation

Whether you have an idea scribbled on a napkin or a test-ready prototype, Smarty Pants can create and execute the right evaluation and optimization plan for you.  We use traditional and innovative techniques - both qualitative and quantitative - to get you the insights you need to move products forward.  From online concept screening with moms to CLT taste testing with four-year-olds, we're your team.    

Package, Name and Design Evaluation

We help clients obtain the information they need on how best to package, shelve and price products.  We regularly lead qualitative sessions using concepts, prototypes and mock shelf sets as stimuli.  We also use innovative quantitative methods like Virtual Shelf Tests that allow consumers to "pick up" and evaluate fronts, backs and sides of packaging as if they were in a real store. 

Usability Testing

Smarty Pants has quickly become one of the industry's leading resources for online, mobile and console-based gaming research.  We partner with entertainment giants to refine the user experience, optimize the interface and graphics, uncover technical concerns and identify marketing and monetization opportunities.  Ask Smarty Pants to lead the charge when you're ready to launch your next virtual world, video game or online experience.  

Communications Evaluation

As former planners and account execs from some of the world's leading advertising agencies, developing great communications is in our blood.  Through innovative qualitative methods, we help clients glean learning from rowdy 5-year-old boys and 60-year-old grandmothers on how best to refine messages and executional elements to ensure in-market success.     

Segmentation Studies

Segmentation studies can help you pinpoint your core consumers and understand what makes them tick.  Smarty Pants can also help you identify the optimal segmentation strategy for your business - whether demographic, lifestyle, value, attitude, usage or need-based.  We use a range of multivariate statistical techniques to identify distinct segments and create rich profiles of your most valuable consumers.    

Attitude and Usage Studies

Want to know more about your brand, category or competitors?  Our A&U studies are uniquely designed to elucidate the ABCs of kids, tweens, teens and parents - their Affect, Behavior and Cognition, that is.  A&Us can also help you identify unmet youth and family needs and opportunities. 

Preschoolers ages 2-5

Kids ages 6-8

Tweens ages 9-12

Teens ages 13-17

Moms - whether expecting or a pro

Dads - ah, the forgotten ones

Grandparents - so critical to understand today

Coaches, teachers and influencers
Family 48s
Yes, we move in with families for two days to uncover real life insights! You won't believe what happens!
Me and My Shadow Ethnographies
The 1:1 version of our Family 48s, we become one person's shadow to understand nuances of daily life
Play Parties
Get-togethers with kids (or moms) to hang out, talk, play, or test prototypes in a natural environment
Kitchen Confidential
To explore the truths of food behaviors, our ethnographers get in the kitchen and see what's cookin' with families
Shopping Expeditions
In-store exploratories for unveiling shopping behaviors and wishes. Great as innovation labs, too!
Virtual Neighborhoods
Custom online communities where kids and parents share insights and become client advisers
Sense & Sensibility
Our proprietary multi-sensory product testing methodology. Learn what that "woah" really means
Room Raids
Where kid and teen bedrooms become learning labs and what's under the bed really matters
In-home observations of online behaviors. Forget what they say they're doing; we watch and see!
Super Groups
Day-long "focus groups" with target consumers across multiple venues
Inside-Out Research
Where kids, teens and parents become the ethnographers
Lights, Camera, Action
Webcam-based interviews with kids and families around the country and the world