We are continually impressed by Smarty Pants' wisdom, professionalism & enthusiasm; I would recommend them to any organization."
– Jennifer Kotler, Ph.D., AVP, Domestic Research, Sesame Workshop

Brand Positioning

Whether your existing brand needs re-positioning or you have a new to the world brand, our positioning experts will ensure you identify the right target and the most compelling brand proposition.

Get In Position

Get in PositionTM is Smarty Pants' proprietary method for developing great brand positionings.  The full program - which we typically execute in close partnership with clients and their agency partners - includes:

  • An internal brand audit to ensure everyone from the ABM to the Creative Director shares his/her strategic goals and brand vision  
  • A secondary research-based category review led by experts who take a fresh look at your category as defined by consumers 
  • Exploratory research with consumers using innovative tools to unearth kids' and parents' rational and emotional brand connections
  • Positioning concept development that includes 3-5 viable territories for your brand to own 
  • Qualitative concept assessment to pinpoint the pros and cons of potential directions
  • Quantitative validation of positioning direction when you work with the folks who need the numbers before making the final call
  • Final positioning development authored by strategy experts who "get it" 

Final deliverables include brand positioning statements, brand pyramids, brand essence boards, product guardrails and marketing guidelines and considerations.

If you can't confidently say that your new or prospective brand positioning meets corporate objectives, leverages real consumer insights, is differentiated within the category, is compelling to your core target and serves as the strategic lighthouse for your products, then email us or give us a call at 203-847-5766.